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A video of 13 year old Katelyn Francis, as she shoots multiple firearms, at multiple targets while shooting on the move

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Katelyn FrancisThis was stage 1 of the FB3G competition in Jacksboro Texas. I’ll make just two comments. First: I say allow this young lady to carry a concealed firearm in her school (well not really.)

Secondly: Hey dad. When the guys come knocking on your door asking Katelyn for a date, you won’t need ‘your’ shotgun. What a wonderful young lady. May the Lord bless you Katie!

The following is from breachbangclear.com. “For those of you who say I need to find cover and try doing it with people shooting back……I am 13 and this is a competition. For those (few) of you who think I should be playing with barbies instead of guns, and who think this type of sport will make me a bad person. I play on several sports teams at my school. I also make straight A’s. I am a girly girl (notice the finger nail polish). I have been shooting since I was 5, and do not play video games. Not that I don’t like them, I would rather shoot real guns than fake ones. I have never had any professional training except from my dad and a couple of his buddies.”  Your comments are welcome below.


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