Audio messages on “Is your faith dead?” by David Hocking (or did the sinner’s prayer fool you?)

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It’s refreshing to hear a Bible teacher on KWVE radio tell the truth, regarding the heretical sinner’s prayer. I only listened to Part 2. He really hits it home at the end, after the commercial.

As Hocking said regarding the sinner’s prayer, “And some of you with gray hair, knows this has been going on a long time hasn’t it? Just say the words brother and you’re in!”

The emergent will say, “Just repeat these words after me!” But John Bunyan said, “I’d rather have a heart without words, 10,000 times, than words without a heart!”

Part 2 of Dr. David Hocking’s message “Is Your Faith Dead? James 2:21-26”

Part 1 here

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