California Governor Gavin Newsom signs a new Law (AB 392), that places more restrictions on when police can use deadly force

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I am unequivocally against California’s AB 392. The passing of this bill will certainly cause an increase of crime. As well as an increase of injuries and deaths to police officers, and law abiding citizens. Pro-active policing will be a skill of the past, as most officers will become only reactive, and slower to respond to calls for service. Removing the legal term “reasonable” is reprehensible and unreasonable. Because the criminals, they don’t play by the rules, but police officers are shackled by laws, and treated like fools. California lost her way long ago. But she continues to lead the rest of our nation into lawlessness, as she continuously and simultaneously legislates laws against Almighty God’s Law (or Scriptures). Lastly, I do find encouragement in knowing that the LORD is on His throne. And that as I see more evidence of the closure of the end times, God’s judgment and wrath upon the unregenerate unrepentant sinner is also drawing near. His judgement will be manifested in many ways, both directly, and indirectly. For God will not be mocked. Come Lord Jesus come!

Nonetheless, I am thankful for my friend Senator Mike Morrell (and the other two Senators), that voted “NO” to this bill.

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