Christians will fight -Step 2 of Christian Resistance – by pastor Matt Trewhella

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Amen, what an excellent much needed exhortation. Today we live amongst a castrated Christendom, where so many males have been spiritually neutered.

The vaccine is no longer about a personal choice, “understand that if you capitulate, and get that shot, you have set a precedent for the government to dictate to you to what you will put in your body…and you have set a precedence for all future generations.”

And ladies, not that he needs your permission, but let your husbands be a man. “Women, let your men fight…a good woman understands the duty of man.”

But we need to do this as a church militant with her boots to the ground, equipped with the whole armor of God, wielding the Sword of the Lord; while preaching His Law and glorious Gospel.

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