Coram Deo: Living before the Face of God – a must see video with RC Sproul Sr.

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I agree with Sproul, “That the essence of the Christian life, is the seeking that which is most important. The big idea was that the Christian is called, to live all of life Coram Deo.”

However, if I may, I’d like to apply Sproul’s excellent teaching to the current events within America.

Coram Deo means to live before God, in the presence of God, or before the face of God.

Today, most of America’s Christendom is not living coram Deo, nor are they seeking what is most important. But rather, they demand having their best life now, ostensibly by making America great again. Consequently, our institutionalized church is spiritually dead like Sardis, and lukewarm like Laodicea. Hence, rather than live coram Deo (before God), they live coram hominibus (before men).

If a local church requires cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) herself, then she has no right to ask for a revival across America. Judgment, repentance, and revival begin in our own house of God – the local church.

The solution to this problem is to repent towards God, and thrust ourselves upon Christ, and truly live coram Deo. Lord, help me be more Coram Deo.

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