Video COUNTER protest of Westboro Church & a SUPPORT of the funeral of Army Pfc. Nathan Tyler Davis

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The Westboro Baptist Church was supposed to be in California protesting the funeral of Army Pfc. Nathan Tyler Davis at the Yucaipa Christian Center in Yucaipa. However they did not arrive as they said they would. Myself and my friend Joe came with video equipment and microphones, to Biblically rebuke those from Westboro (this was to be in the street, outside the church.)

Since they did not arrive, we decided to interview many of the hundreds of Patriots that were there for the same two reasons we were.

1. To support Pfc Nathan Davis (and the military,) and
2. To Biblically oppose Westboro Baptist church.

We taped some great interviews of some great folks. Below is a compilation of some interviews from Christians, non-Christians, outlaw bikers, war veterans, mothers, children, patriots & non-patriots. Including some willing to go to jail on behalf of Davis.

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