Denied medical service because I refused to wear a face mask or shield – Podcast #45

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Today I had an appointment with my Cardiologist, but I was denied access because I would not cover my face. The lady at the entrance called “management” and she refused service. In this podcast, I included some undercover video footage.

For the record, I did leave a Gospel tract with both employees, and I even left my $20.00 co-pay on the table (though they do not receive payments at the front door.) Once outside the building I did call my doctor’s office and let them know of the aforementioned, and that I left my copay with the women at the door. When I asked her why are they still requiring masks, she did politely tell me “because it is the law.” I respectfully explained to her that it is not “the law,” and is no more than a CDC recommendation, and/or a governmental mandate. She was very respectful and professional in her response and agreed with me on many points.

I have been resisting this mask tyranny for many reasons and from different angles. Though I’m sure the women at this medical clinic did not enjoy telling me to cover my face, but recently a female State Park Ranger at Silverwood Lake refused to allow me into the park without a mask. That Ranger was very condescending, demanding, and frankly, I believe a sexist feminist. Hence, I suspect that Ranger enjoyed particularly making men cover their faces. Therefore, I do believe there is a sexual component to this mask phenomenon, which is an attempt to emasculate men.

Nonetheless, we need to fight these small battles, because something or someone is controlling and conditioning us for a bigger battle ahead. And if we can’t stand our ground on these smaller matters, then how will we with the larger battles?

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