Preached God calls Jesus “God” – man becomes irate – teaching Doctrine thru conversation & a lot more

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Currently I am street preaching through the book of Hebrews at various locations. This morning I preached from Hebrew 1:8-14. One man became very angry, as he attempted to suppress the truth in his own unrighteousness.

Then some believers cheered-on the preaching. Then afterwards another man politely rebuked me for preaching too much wrath. But sadly while I compelled him to respond in repentance and faith, the man next to him told him to just “repeat the sinners prayer” to be saved. Since that conversation was not private, I included it in this video. A Pastor also asked for prayer, and other conversations came to fruition.

We are to contend for the faith, teach Doctrine while doing so. I preached this same message at two of three locations today.

Doxology by Angie Lewis.

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