Hebrews 4:1-10 – the Sabbath Day as a Commandment, by Bill Rhetts

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This was a difficult sermon to preach. Afterward, I tendered my resignation as pastor, giving them a six-week notice. My wife and I love this church dearly, and we will miss them dearly. But Lord willing, by faith, we are transitioning into a new chapter in our life; with new opportunities – Deo volente!

In this sermon, the Lord speaks of the prolific power of His saving Gospel. I then confess the sins of my former dispensationalism, and as a Covenant theologian how I’ve learned that keeping the Fourth Commandment, the Lord’s Sabbath Day, is still a commandment today; and is as important as the other nine commandments.

As I’ve said before. “Dispensationalism is not just one err. Dispensationalism is the mothership that leads to many other errs. When an oncologist removes cancer, they don’t just remove cancer seen only on the surface of the skin. They surgically remove the root of the cancer. And so that is how dispensationalism must be treated, including “leaky dispensationalism.” Because a little leaven leavens the whole lump.”

I share the bloody story of how the Lord used me to thwart active shooters at a church, killing the primary shooter, and all on the Lord’s Sabbath Day. 

I then charge the church with the importance of being Sabbatarians, but without being hypocrites or ecclesial tyrants.

I also shared the story of how one pastor was a hypocrite with his “strict Sabbatarian” views. How he would tell the church that if they went to the grocery store after church, they were “in sin” because they were “causing their employees to work on the Sabbath.” But he’d frequent his “favorite restaurant” after church. But what I did not tell in this sermon was this. That pastor would drink alcohol (at that restaurant) to the point of having a slurred speech. Moreover, he would have the audacity to tell us the importance of “sanctification” while being under the influence of alcohol. 🤮

I pray for the unction of the Holy Spirit through the preaching of His Word about His Sabbath, on His Sabbath; that he would bring either conviction or exhortation where required.

To speak against keeping the Fourth Commandment is not only sinful antinomianism. It is allegorical to the craftiness of Satan when he told the woman in the garden “Yea, hath God said (Gen 3:1),? Our occupations or recreations do not change God, nor His Word. Only by the grace of God, so go I.

I also included our Holy Communion service, doxology, and benediction. Soli Deo Gloria!

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