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More evidence that God produces results after the fact, through open-air preachers YouTube channels

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A person in the UK recently watched my video entitled “Three responding to the Gospel @ bus depot while preaching.” He (or she) then watched this below video. He (or she) then inputted this comment under this video.

“I live in Scotland uk. I just seen you and this video. Thank you I am off to Give my life to god on sunday.”

Needless to say, I did reply that “today is the day of salvation” not Sunday. Please pray for this person, and that His Seed of salvation will take a deep salvific root.

Interestingly I have been told by two professed Christians, that what I did to this Deputy was rude. Frankly what the world needs to see, is that born-again Christ followers are serious about their faith in Christ. That we’re ‘sold out’ to the Lord, not ‘sell outs’ in this world. And we must fear God and not man – even to death if necessary. Having said that, I still compromised in this video. All for the glory of the Lord.

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