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Must see videos ‘Get your sign off the ground – Cops gone bad’ (Commander James McGowan of the Jackson Mississippi PD)

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I have worked both sides of the justice system. 20-years as a policeman, and 10-years as a criminal defense investigator. Henceforth due to my personal and professional experiences I have been warning the brethren that Satan will use Law Enforcement as the #1 tool to ‘persecute and prosecute’ the true church (the bride of Christ). Not only as a ‘reactive’ response, but also in ‘proactive’ ways.

To name just a few of many experiences. I know what it’s like to have a corrupt cop (that’s an atheist) attempt to plant evidence on me. I know what it’s like to have the chief of police call me into his office because my ‘online testimony’ was “problematic with our community,” and if I did not take it down, it would “become political.” I know what it’s like to be under an FBI inquiry, and have an FBI agent mock my Christian faith during a Federal Grand Jury hearing. I know what it’s like to have my Christian articles submitted to a U.S. federal judge as evidence, whom would preside over my own trial (though he was very impartial). I know what it’s like to be examined by a forensic police phycologist for my Biblical Christian views, which are so foreign to the world. I know what it’s like to defend pastors and Christians that have been wrongfully accused, and that endured prosecutorial misconduct in criminal trials – etcetera etcetera etcetera. And I praise the Lord for those experiences.

In the first video you will see Commander James McGowan of the Jackson Mississippi police department taking sides with the abortion mill, and usurping the first amendment rights of Christians. In the second video you will see McGowan’s officers maliciously blocking their signage.

According to others that were at this scene, McGowan professed to be a Christian. Please understand that professing Christ in of itself does not merit salvation. You must be supernaturally impregnated with the Incorruptible Seed. There must be repentance, and their must be a new life-style, or way of life.

The majority of police officers I knew, that professed to be born-again, put their badges before their Bible, and the cop before Christ.

The Lord Jesus warned in Revelation 21:8, that the ‘fearful or cowardly’ are in fact not saved; and that they will be cast into the lake of fire which is the second death. Biblical courage is a commandment commander – not an option.

The Lord also warned in Matthew 7:21-23 that “many” professed ‘believers’ will be cast into utter darkness for an eternity.

Pray that Commander McGowan truly repents, and Biblically believes. Pray for your local law enforcement, and share or preach the Gospel to often.

Today evangelists are increasingly being arrested for preaching the Gospel in the streets. Just last month alone, two personal friends of mine (Tatsuo and Ronnie) were arrested for preaching the glorious Gospel in public. This is the new Amerika that we live in, and we must quit playing church.

True followers of Christ will be sold-out to the Lord, not sell-outs in this world. They will be bond slaves to Jesus as the Christ. All for the glory of God, for the edification of His church (the bride of Christ), and so that the lost may be found.

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Update: To see how a cop should respond, watch the video in comments below these.

Video 1/2 (Commander McGowan in action)Video 2/2 (McGowan’s puppets maliciously blocking their signage)

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