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My trip report on the sowing of Gospel Seeds along the California Coast, as well as the Super Bowl 50 game celebrations

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SFPD Super Bowl 50

Other than sharing with a few prayer warriors, I did not share online that I would be away this week. The following is an abbreviated synopsis of this wonderful trip.

I spent the last week evangelizing a large portion of the California coastline. My intent was to eventually meet up with some evangelists to co-labor at the Super Bowl game. My trip began in a northerly direction up to the Northern San Francisco Bay.

Through my travels up the coast, I utilized various methods of evangelism. I concentrated in the cities of Port Hueneme, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Solvang, Paso Robles, and then my final destination – San Francisco. Lots of fruitful conversations as well.

Once that portion of my mission was accomplished, I arrived in downtown San Francisco. I then continued laboring throughout the streets of San Francisco (my first time preaching in the streets of San Francisco).

I then drove over to the Pier 23 area, which is on the north side of the San Francisco Bay. To my surprise the pre-game parties were already extremely large (Friday). Though the actual Super Bowl game was to be held at the Levi’s Stadium, the stadium would seat only 70,000 souls. The population of these parties far exceeded what the stadium could ever hold. Henceforth I continued laboring these events (with many others).

Needless to say most of my energy was already expended along the coast, then at the pre-game parties. I felt like an expended shell casing, and the bullet was gone. Henceforth I decided to head back home today (Saturday).

I am so thankful to have been acquainted with other street preachers up here. Some of them I only knew through social media. It was also a blessing to reunite with some evangelists that I haven’t seen in a while.

Just at the pre-celebration parties alone, there were multiple evangelism teams from various churches and ministries. One team in itself consisted of 90 evangelists.

This trip was a bitter – sweet experience. Bitter because I became exhausted too early. And that it saddened me to see such a large populace so caught up in drunkenness, sensuality, revelry, lasciviousness, idolatry, etcetera. And for what? A ball game. It was sweet because I got to join so many like-minded brethren, and we labored in unity.

Please pray for the many evangelists that are still up there toiling the soil. Pray that many lost souls would be found. I know the Lord is going to do a mighty work through the preaching and sharing of His glorious Gospel.

Lord willing at a later time, I may be posting some video on my YouTube channel. Looking forward to my own pillow.

Side note: This Super Bowl 50 celebration is an international event. The terrorism threat level had been risen to a ‘level one.’ It was nice to see San Francisco’s finest showing off their hardware throughout their streets (photo above).

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In the meantime.

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