Police Suicide, Pursuits, PTSD & Calling Police Chaplains to Repent – Podcast Eps. 11 👮‍♀️

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Regretfully another police officer committed suicide. Will she “RIP” or “rest well” as some suppose on social media? She will stand before God, where she will have to give an account for every thought, sin, and deed. As said before. Police officers won’t be able to badge their way into heaven, and they most certainly won’t be able to badge their way out of hell.

I also discuss the police pursuit she was involved in, and the tragic death of the innocent 13-year-old bystander, while sharing and applying more of my own experiences; and how carjackers should be dealt with. Because the criminals, they don’t play by the rules, but police officers are shackled by laws, and treated like fools. I then call applicable police chaplains (and professing Christians) to repentance, for their apathy and cowardness.  

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