Pushing back against the increase of #Nationalism in the church

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Based on social media posts and conversations I’ve had with some; it is obvious that many are becoming faithlessly desperate for a better nation. And for most of them, their solutions are not Biblical, but rather are carnal, secular, political, and/or pragmatic.

Consequently, I’m seeing a rapid increase of bringing nationalism into the church, and a high expectation of nationalism to come out from the church. It was recently suggested to me that the quality of a good pastor, is “he loves America.” I can’t find that in the pastoral epistles, nor through a hermeneutical study. Shouldn’t a pastor’s reputation be of a man that fears God, loves Christ (His Logos (Λόγος), and His blood-bought church? Shouldn’t America be secondary to Theology and ecclesiology?

If a local church requires cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) herself, then she has no right to ask for a revival across America. Judgment, repentance, and revival begin in our own house of God – the local church.

Though I believe our elected Federal officials should be nationalists, and it is good for individuals to be a nationalist. And yes, Christians should help elect Christian nationalists into Federal offices, but nationalism is not the role of a pastor, nor the Lord’s church.

And so, my solution is this. The type of nationalism that the church should be engaged in, is the following.

The church needs to go out into all the nations, and preach the glorious Gospel, making disciples from all the nations (Matt 24:14, Matt 28:16-20, Mark 16:15). That Lord willing the Lord would use His church to change the nation (Matt 5:13-16), not bring nationalism into His church. That’s the ecclesiastical nationalism (or Christian nationalism) I will stand behind, and by God’s grace, I pray to continue to do so. If you want to make America great again, then our churches must first obey the Lord’s Great Commission and commands. For a brief demonstration of how the church must respond, watch the video below.

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