Sermon jam on “The Wrath of God” by Albert Martin

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Earlier this week a wonderful brother that I’ve known for years asked to meet with me. He lovingly and graciously spoke to me, and then read to me a handwritten list of Scriptures of Gods loving kindness. He then advised me that he and a few others had problems with my open-air evangelism videos. The problem he had was that I often mentioned “Gods wrath” in my sermons. My response to him was “If we truly love the lost, then how can we not warn them of the wrath of God, that they will endure forever, if they do not repent and believe.” My dear friends we are told to teach the whole counsel of God, that there is a goodness and severity of God. Fact is when the non-saved die, they will not just die and cease to exist. They will forever endure the full wrath of God, and eternal damnation. Many years ago, my friend and I both attended the same mega-church here in Redlands. It became emergent, and their pastor was a greasy gracer with a sloppy agape. Perhaps my dear friend has not yet come out of that yet? Brethren believe me, it would be so much easier for me to go to the world and say “Jesus loves me this I know, because my Bible tells me so.” But I’ll leave that up to Rick Warren, Oprah Winfrey, Gomer Pyle, and Joel Osteen. I’d rather tell them the whole truth in love, by warning them, then giving them both the Law and Gospel.

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