Sermon jam on ‘What is wrong with the pulpits?,’ by Shane Idleman

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Christ on the crossSermon jam on ‘What is wrong with the pulpits?,’ by Shane Idleman

Pastor Shane warns about an unbiblical love, and un-regenerated heart within the church. He then said, “Either the love of God will compel somebody to repentance. Or the hammer of God will crush them to repentance.”

However, it is not just pastors “Rob Bell” and “Brian McLaren” as he mentioned. It’s many churches everywhere. It’s churches that many others attend, and don’t even realize it.

I believe what has happened to many of these churches today (that were once more orthodox,) is they’ve become slaves to their own mortgages and payrolls. Hence, in fear of losing people (money,) they make everybody feel good, and comfortable.

These churches strive to look less like a church. They’ve even removed their cross, and replaced it with doves. Although I understand the meaning of the dove, but why remove the cross?  They’ve turned their church stages into rock concert platforms.

If you’re looking for a church in the Lancaster area, try Westside Christian Fellowship. Pastor Shane, you have been tagged.

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