The Duty of Elders in the Face of a Tyrant Government, by pastor Derek Carlsen of South Africa

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I’ve always held the Biblical position that a Christian must be willing to die for the cause of Christ. But it’s great to hear this South African pastor say it’s also the duty of a pastor. A sad reality is most pastors in America are spiritually neutered.

Today rather than demonstrate a reverential fear of the Lord, most were afraid of the authorities, or what Caesar might do to them. They ran and hid from a flu virus, hiding behind their livestreaming and lockdowns. I refuse to be part of a castrated Christendom. 

Thank You, Lord, for bringing up men like pastor Derek Carlsen at such a time as this.

“Derek Carlsen is a pastor from South Africa. He experienced firsthand the oppression of a tyrannical government. He confronted the killer tyrant Mugabe with the Word of God. In this speech he confronts the failure of Christian elders to address the tyranny they see in society. He gives you – the people  – actionable items to bring to your leadership. SHARE this Talk, especially with your Pastor and Elders!”

SOURCE: Defy Tyrants

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