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The movie ‘Divided’ (a documentary on unbiblical ‘youth ministries’ at local churches)

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This young man did a fantastic job putting this documentary together. He did his own investigative research, and then interviewed proponents and opponents to youth ministries in local churches.

He traced the “roots of this methodology and paganism” back to Plato (380BC). And the founder and origin of Sunday schools / youth ministries back to Robert Raikes (1805AD).

Regretfully it wasn’t until around 2003 that I realized that my own family had been immersed into the emergent church movement. Thankfully the Lord convicted me, and I repented. However rather than being seated in the sanctuary with their parents, my children had already spent most of their ‘youth’ in youth ministries. Until then I failed to recognize that often times they were being entertained by sports, games, recreation, and worldliness. Rather than being schooled in the Word of God.

Oh how I wish I could go back in time. I am in no position myself to do anything about this now, but I can help educate others via social media.

I believe there is a place and purpose for mothers feeding rooms, and crying rooms for babies; and perhaps even real young children. But youth and pre-teens ought not to be segregated, and should be under the same Biblical teachings as the adults.

It is a crying shame that local churches continue to evolve Biblical evangelism and orthodox family integrated churches, into extra biblical / unbiblical man-centric methodologies. Have we no faith in the sufficiency of the Word of God (inspired by the Holy Spirit)?

As pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer said, “Since the days of the youth movement, church youth work has often lacked that element of Christian sobriety that alone might enable it to recognize that the spirit of youth is not the Holy Spirit, and that the future of the church is not youth itself but rather the Lord Jesus Christ alone. It is the task of youth not to reshape the church, but rather to listen to the Word of God; it is the task of the church not to capture the youth, but to teach and proclaim the Word of God.”

Fear God, revere his Word, and love His church, Chaplain Bill.

This documentary can be viewed in either YouTube or Vimeo formats below.

Additional: For Dr Voddie Baucham’s videos on youth ministries, click here.


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