Throwing hay, the modern way

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We hired Crazy K Ranch to do some more work on our homestead. This time they brought in dump truck loads of topsoil to compliment the manure. After their excavation on the previous job, my goal now is to turn this dirt area into grass, rather than the slippery mud that the winter brings.

As usual, their men did an excellent job. But where it might have gone south was on my end, after they left.

I purchased 180lbs more of grass seed at $800.00 After distributing the seed, which did not cover the entire area, I then covered it with hay. That is to protect the seeds from hungry birds and to keep the seed moist. But after seeding it, I then saw on the weather app that the rain has been postponed, or minimalized 

Thankfully our well-water infrastructure is sufficient to supply our home, but not all the acreage or agriculture, that’s what the rain’s for. So, I suspect I’ll lose the $800,00 worth of seeds. But hey, that’s tantamount to #FarmLife. Gotta suck it up, put my big boy panties on, and move on. I rejoice we have dirt to play with in the first place.

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