Using birds as a guide – What was the massive object under my Kayak? – Breaking my record of distance & depth on a kayak

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On this day I decided to go out further than normal. I broke my record of both distance and depth of sea in a kayak. You’ll see how the birds can be helpful in identifying bait fish. But the massive movement underneath me was an exciting experience. I saw it reported live in my A-column, and then it remained in my history for another couple minutes.

If you look at my location on Google Earth, you can see a canyon under where I was (aka the “shelf”), and I was later told this is the season whales migrate at this location. So that’s probably what it was. Here’s a video of a whale lifting two kayakers out of the water. Now that’s a Kodak moment. 

And I distributed some of my Gospel tracts while leaving and returning. 😍

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