Video Biblically witnessing to a homosexual, that thought he was going to heaven

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Though all sin is evil, and all sin brings forth death and damnation, the Scriptures do speak specifically on sexual immorality. Sadly I know an increasing percentage of ‘professing’ (alleged) Christians that have succumbed to Satan, by not only tolerating sexual immorality. Furthermore they have accepted it, acquiesced to it, congratulated it, and even celebrated with those whom practice sexual immorality. Recently one ‘professing’ Christian told me that he went on a ‘double-date’ to dinner and the movies, with a homosexual couple. All in the name of ‘friendship evangelism,’ or the unbiblical – mystical “They’ll see Jesus inside of me” heresy. Ministering and witnessing to them is one thing (as we should), but condoning, approving of, or celebrating their lifestyle is sinful.

That is not the Jesus of the Bible, and that is not a Biblical “love” as they claim. It is a worldly carnal sensual’ love, it is an unholy disdain of God’s Holiness, it is an affront to a Holy God; and it is a terrible witness. The most unloving thing a Christian can do, is make the lost feel comfortable on their way to hell. A good passage on a ‘Biblical love,’ in context, is Ephesians 5:1-21.

Christians, let me ask you this. Would you personally associate yourself with, and accept a group of self-identified car thieves, or drug dealers, or murderers, or rapists, or adulterers, or child molesters? Then why have so many ‘professing’ Christians accepted and associated themselves with ‘sexual immorality’ (heterosexual or homosexual)?

I suspect the reason why, is either ~

a) They are sexually immoral themselves (and must repent), or
b) they are false converts, or
c) they are cowards, or
d) all of the above.

And never forget what the Lord Jesus said about ‘spiritual cowards’ in Revelation 21:8.

Biblical evangelism and/or Biblical Christianity produces both ‘salt and light.’ The light and the Law expose the sin, opens the wound, and then it manifests their need for salvation. The salt festers the wound, as the ointment or remedy (the Gospel) is then applied. But instead, many ‘professing’ Christians are sugar-coating sin with slope agape and greasy grace.

Having said all that. At the beginning of this video this person told me he was going to heaven, but at the end he said “I don’t know.” The Seeds were planted, and the results belong to the Lord.

“You are too delicate to tell the man that he is ill. You hope to heal the sick without their knowing it. You therefore flatter them. And what happens? They laugh at you. They dance upon their own graves and at last they die. Your delicacy is cruelty, your flatteries are poisons; you are a murderer. Shall we keep men in a fool’s paradise? Shall we lull them into soft slumber from which they will awake in hell? Are we to become helpers of their damnation by our smooth speeches? In the name of God we will not!” – Charles Spurgeon

Joseph Caryl (1602-1673) said the following of these ‘workers of iniquity’ in Psalm 5:5

“First, as intending (not all degrees of sinners, or sinners of every degree, but) the highest degree of sinners, great, and gross sinners, resolved and willful sinners. Such as sin industriously, and, as it were, artificially, with skill and care to get themselves a name, as if they had an ambition to be accounted workmen that need not be ashamed in doing that whereof all ought to be ashamed; these, in strictness of Scripture sense, are “workers of iniquity.” Hence note, notorious sinners made sin their business, or their trade. Though every sin be a work of iniquity, yet only some sinners are “workers of iniquity.”

Sadly today too many ‘professing’ (alleged) Christians are associated themselves with ‘workers of iniquity.’

David Clarkson (1621-1686) said this.

“Avoid all that Christ hates. If you love, approve, entertain that which is hateful to Christ, how can He love you? What is that which Christ hates? The Psalmist (Psalm xlv. 7) tells us, making it one of Christ’s attributes, to hate wickedness… As Christ hates iniquity, so the “workers of iniquity.” You must not love them, as to be intimate with them, delight in the company of evil doers, openly profane, scorners of godliness, obstructers of the power of it.  2 Cor. vi 14-18. If you love so near relations to wicked men, Christ will have no relation to you. If you would have communion with Christ in sweet acts of love, you must have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, nor those that act them.”

A side note: I should have better explained in this video, that I did not ‘marry out of fornication,’ By God’s grace, I repented from fornication (granted by God) before I met my wife. Too many today believe that the ‘act of marriage’ is ‘repentance.’ That is why I have told straight couples that I would not marry them if they were fornicating.

Below this video, is yet another video, but witnessing to a homosexual man dressed in drag. He thinks he is a Christian.

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