Video depicts a terminally ill woman crying after preaching about death – please pray for her (preached from Romans 14:8-9 & Revelation 20)

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Working in Law Enforcement is unpredictable. It can provide ‘hours of boredom, and moments of sheer terror.’ In other words, nothing is routine, and you never know when the unexpected occurs.

And so it is with Open-Air Preaching, you never know what will occur.

Though there was no “terror” here, after warning this crowd that one of them may die very soon, then preaching about that, a terminally ill women broke down crying, advising that due to her ‘brain and lung’ cancer, she only has a few weeks to live.

It was at this point that several in line began videotaping this unexpected occurrence.

Admittedly I was not prepared for this, and I could have handled this better. But I had to stop so that the SSA could conduct their business, and it was time for her to get back in line.

Nevertheless, thankfully a ‘sister in Christ’ advised that she will disciple this weeping woman, and take her to her church.

Another observation was the many whom initially refused a Gospel tract, later asked for one. Thank You Lord for decreeing this to occur.

Doxology #1 by Angie Lewis, Doxology #2 by Hymns.

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