Video of a lady caught stealing from my Jeep

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Disclaimer: The person seen in this video shall be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Because it is summer time my Jeep is wearing a bikini top, and trail doors. Consequently the Jeep is vulnerable to thieves. While I was evangelizing, my remote control device alerted me that there was an intruder inside my car (interior motion detectors). I failed to turn my camera on, until after I engaged the suspect. This girl is fresh out of jail, still wearing her jail ID card and bracelet.

The good news is, when I got to her, she was ‘dead in her tracts’ reading the back of the tract; and she said that she read it all. Henceforth she read both the Law and Gospel, and will be 100% accountable to God, on that horrific Day of Judgment. I later learned after she fled, that she rifled thru other items inside my vehicle.

This incident later became a great Segway into some of the messages that I preached before many crowds. Praise the Lord for these opportunities. Please pray for Michele.

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