Video of Isaiah chapter 53, an expository teaching by Bill Rhetts (graphic video imagery included)

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The video freezes for a few minutes, but the audio continues working properly, the video will soon correct itself. 😉

The late Dr. Robert Hawkers of the 1700’s, said this of chapter 53 ~

This may very well be called the Chapter of Chapters, concerning the Lord Jesus Christ; in which the two great features of his character are drawn to the full: the sufferings of Christ; and the glory that should follow. The Prophet, under the Holy Ghost, most blessedly sets forth the Lord Jesus, under both.

This video includes, but is not limited to ~

  • The fourth suffering Servant Song (which includes five chiastic stanzas)
  • Rich in the Doctrine of the ‘Substitutionary Atonement’
  • Also included are many other important doctrines
  • The humiliation and exaltation of Christ
  • How the Hebrew language more accurately displays a violent catastrophic, prophetic, exchange of sins
  • A graphic video overlay
  • The Biblical appearance of Christ (according to the Hebrew language)
  • The effects upon Christ
  • The extent of His atonement
  • The evangelism of Isaiah 53
  • The importance of sharing the Gospel in Israel, as well as all other countries
  • The interposition of the ‘arm of the Lord,’ and
  • Gods holy hatred and wrath towards sin

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