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Video of Security Guard assaulting a Street Preacher at a Joyce Meyers conference, then a Christian woman misapplies the Bible

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My goodness what a mess. These Christians were strategically sharing the Gospel outside a Joyce Meyers conference. In addition they were distributing “The Biggest Question” DVD’s.

The African American security guard was professional, but he was wrong. The Caucasian security guard was criminally and civilly out of line. He was a hater of God, who even pridefully claimed to be God.

Then a lady approached the preachers cameraman, challenging their Biblical authority. It’s obvious that she was most likely a follower of Joyce Meyers false teachings.

Regarding her comment that the Lord “doesn’t want us going against police officers.” That comment was not appropriate for this situation. Even if these security guards were police officers, a Christian does not have to submit to an unlawful order. And, if the order goes against the Word of God, they may obey the Word over man.

Yes, Christians must Biblically honor and respect those in authority. However, that does not mean that Christians cower. These evangelists remained respectful, steadfast, and persevered all the way. You can view the unedited video with his main message, in comments below.

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