Video of the May 20th, 2018 LAPD Foothill Division shooting death of an ADW suspect (#NRF035-18)

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I have no criticism of these officers. But sadly their use of force polices make things more difficult than they need to be. Today unreasonable expectations are put upon our police officers, as they have to process the ‘less than lethal’ use of force continuum made available to them.

Fast-forwarding beyond the 40 millimeter launcher.

As the suspect ran back into the house, using deadly force to prevent him from entering the house, would have been appropriate and justified. Case law states that you can shoot an ‘inherently dangerous fleeing felon’ (even in the back), if their escape would likely cause the death of another person. Here this suspect ran back into the home where more victims or weapons might be. Had that suspect further harmed that victim, or another victim inside, the department would have been civilly liable for their injury or death.

Nonetheless only by God’s grace did this suspect not have a gun behind that vehicle, or up on his rooftop, or in that back yard. Only by God’s grace, did no one else get stabbed inside that home.

Great job officers.

In closing to born-again Christians. Remember to pray for the safety of the officers in your city. But more importantly, pray for their salvation as you share the Gospel with them (my Gospel tract can be seen below this video). For more LAPD related posts, click on my LAPD tag here.


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