Video on ‘Churches reaching the culture with Beer & Hymns, Pole Dancing for Jesus, versus the Biblical way to reach the Lost’

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The heading is misleading. Because based on their actions coupled with their comments, I think it’s safe to say that these folks are not saved. Therefore if not, they are not part of the Biblical church (the Bride of Christ.) They are sheeple that go to a building, which they call ‘their church.’ They may be ‘believers,’ but they’re probably not Christian. One thing for sure, when the Lord Jesus sorts through His books; this will all be sorted out.

On a side note. Right here in Redlands and Mentone, I’m aware of two churches that are heavily involved in yoga. Christian yoga is an oxymoron. To do any of this in the name of Jesus, is blaspheme. Nephtali you’ve been tagged.

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