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Video open-air preaching a Biblical portrait of Christ to a long line (I’m a “Liar” & a “false prophet”)

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The tall guy at the beginning refused a Gospel tract, which later proved he would become problematic, he later joined the man in the truck. He was telling others that I was “a liar,” and a “false prophet” (praise the Lord for opposition).

Another ‘professing’ Christian that believed in a “higher power,” suggested I share “John 3:16,” so I did.

Several other Christians were thankful for the public proclamation of the Gospel. After this sermon, I prayed over one women, and engaged in some conversations (conversations not included).

Next, I will be going to Los Angeles, to evangelize an annual Bar-B-Que for ‘retired firemen and police officers,’ please pray for that. By the grace of God, and all for the glory of God.

Music ‘Epic Quest,’ by Mark Petrie.

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