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Video open-air preaching ‘Ignorance will not be an excuse, repent (change your way of thinking)’

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During this outreach, I preached from Acts 17:30. When preaching the glorious Gospel to people, the Gospel brings more judgment upon them. That’s because they can no longer claim “ignorance” (i.e. I didn’t know). God did not overlook these people, in this line (or in any other line or crowd), and they were instructed. When worldlings stand before God on judgment day, “ignorance” will be no excuse, and they will have to give an account.

Thankfully I now own Matthew Poole’s entire commentary on the Scriptures, what gems they are.

As Matthew Poole (1624-1679) said. “The times of this ignorance God winked at; to prevent an objection, lest any think that they might continue in their unbelief, and fare as well as their progenitors, God is said to have overlooked them; as if He had counted them unworthy of His care and providence, and therefore He did not correct or instruct them. When any are left to go on in their sin, without God’s instruction or correction, it is a sad sign that scorns to look upon them, or to use any means to recover them. But now commandeth all men everywhere to repent: under the Gospel we are so far from having liberty to do what we list, that we are more nearly concerned to repent and become holy, Rom xiii. II; Tit. ii. 11,12; 1 Pet. i. 14,15; and all men, every where, without exception of time or place, are under this command of repentance; and cursed indeed will he be that does not observe it” (Matthew Poole’s Commentary on the Bible, Vol. III, page 443). [1]

[1] Matthew Poole, Matthew Poole’s Commentary on the Bible, Vol. III, Virginia: MacDonald Publishing Company). 443

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