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Video outreach ‘Car problem? A Gospel Invasion of the Public Transportation System!’

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After putting my car in the shop, I decided to take the long way back home. Redeeming the time wisely, I evangelized the public via the transportation system. I rode inside many buses, from bus stop to bus bench, to bus depot; from city to city. I evangelized every passenger inside and outside.

The fellow that had “Fu@! You” tattooed on his face, remembered me just over two years ago when I shared the Gospel with him at a Walmart. He went back to prison for another two years, and just got out again. But the Lord gave us another Divine appointment. However I should have spent more time on the ‘Atonement’ of Christ. I also shared at gas stations, and made an attempt at a Mosque.

Since I have no cellphone, I walked to a police department to have the kind lady phone a taxi for me. More tracts were distributed inside the police station, and yes my Taxi driver was the last one to get tagged.

We’ll see what the Lord has planned for tomorrow. Prayers up, by the grace of God, for the glory of God!

Music ‘Preliator’ by Lisbeth Scott.

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