Video preaching ‘God punished & forsook the baby Christmas Jesus (1 man responds to the Gospel, 2 ladies ask for prayer, 1 weeps, a 4th intercedes & 1 lady tells me to preach more)

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The Lord’s ‘power and glory’ shined throughout this glorious morning. Before I even started preaching (while distributing tracts), a lady asked me to pray for her (seen in upper left video). Then once I finished preaching, one lady sitting in line exhorts me to preach some more. Then another lady approached me encouraging me to press-on, then another lady approached me asking for prayer, and she wept before the Lord, and then a man ‘responded to the Gospel call.’ By the grace of God, and all for the glory of God. Let every day be the Lord’s Day, not just Sunday.

A side note: This was my first time preaching with hearing aids, it was nice to be able to listen better. I didn’t even know that my shoes squeaked, until my hearing aids were in.

Music ‘Down to the river to pray,’ by Alison Krauss.

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