Video ‘Should Christians drink with worldlings to win them over?’ (Q&A at a conference)

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I appreciate Bob Jennings response during this Q&A, may God rest his soul.

Sadly there are many professing Christians, and even some pastors that will wrongfully call you “pharisitical,” simply because you desire to live sober and sanctified. But I say RUN from them, and never look back. Remember it was the Pharisees that twisted Jesus’ ministry out of context, wrongfully accusing Him of being a “friend of sinners” (friends with the world).

Regarding this unbiblical worldly “pub theology” movement. If a group of professing Christians enter a bar to drink and have a “Bible study,” I submit they don’t do it because they love the lost, but that they love the things of this world. But by the grace of God, He has convicted, sanctified, and delivered me from my former love of alcohol and Bars, and now the only time I enter a Bar, is to share His glorious Gospel. Soli Deo Gloria!

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