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Video: Two set of ladies interrupt Kevin as he preaches. One to rebuke him, the others to kiss on him

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Brother Kevin is ‘on the box’ crying out at the Niles Flee market, when a lady that professes to be a Christian rebukes him. She may be a ‘believer,’ but she is most likely not saved. She’s not under the influence of the ‘Holy Spirit,’ but most likely is under the influence of the ‘Jezebel spirit.’

But then, two other ladies (and a blast from the past,) have a reunion with Kevin. As they walk off, one brought up Kevin’s sins from the past. He then confesses that she was his “first love.” But Kevin confesses a whole lot more than that (yikes.) I love the way Kevin takes those old sins right to the cross.

I love Kevin’s no frills, no thrills, what you see is what you get, style of preaching. I love you in Christ brother Kevin.

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