Vintage video footage of Operation Rescue entering an abortion mill

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I remember Operation Rescue in Los Angeles when I was a police officer, but the Lord had not yet saved me. I was an unconverted “believer,” but I was not born-again of Christ’s Incorruptible Seed. Would I do this today? My answer is yes and no.

Though I’ve fallen on my own sword many times at abortion mills. The Scriptures are very clear that the Lord’s blood-bought born-again church (Christ’s bride), is to not be unequally yoked with the world. So yes I would do this, but without the ecumenicalism, and only if both the Law and Gospel were our primary modus of operandi. Otherwise my efforts would be nothing but a social justice gospel.

But understandably so, it’s difficult to find like-minded Christians that are willing to do abortion mill ministry. Even those that are seemingly like-minded have scolded me for mentioning those dirty words like “murder” or the “F” word “fornication.” But as I’ve said before;

I would like to hear pastors use the ‘F’ word more often. Since a majority of unwanted pregnancies are a direct result of a sin called ‘fornication,’ which later leads to abortion (murder), we need to address fornication more often. The fornicators will not inherit the kingdom of God, flee from and abstain all forms of sexual immorality (without omitting the Law & Gospel).

In this video you will also see the police officer quote Romans 13 out of context. Sadly a majority of professing Christians (and pastors) today, still do not understand the proper application of Romans 13.

Having said that, we need more pastors and Christians today that are willing to be jailed, and even martyred for the cause of Christ, and His glorious Gospel. We need more pastors today that are willing to engage in black robe regiments.

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