WATCHMAN ALERT: Memorial Presbyterian Church (PCA) in St. Louis, MO is acquiescing to the homosexual agenda, via their Revoice Conference

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It deeply saddens me to see that more Presbyterian Churches are acquiescing to the homosexual agenda. Their latest ‘church’ (that word used loosely), is Memorial Presbyterian Church in St. Louis, Missouri. Memorial Presbyterian Church belongs to the Presbyterian Churches in America (PCA).

They are hosting a Revoice Conference with the intent of “Supporting, encouraging, and empowering gay, lesbian, same-sex-attracted, and other LGBT Christians so they can experience the life-giving character of the historic Christian tradition.”

It’s obvious they are dangerously trying to change (or reform) the face of the Lord’s Church. The following I copied and pasted from their FAQ About Revoice section.

What does Revoice mean?

The word revoice means “to update or refurbish with a new, fresh voice.” It was originally used within the world of musical instrument repair, but metaphorically it can refer to the shape of the conversation that a group of people have about a particular topic. For example, when the pro-life movement first gathered steam, it focused almost entirely on the goal of ending abortion through the reversal of Roe v. Wade. Unfortunately, this eventually led to criticisms that pro-life advocates were ambivalent toward other forms of reproductive injustice, such as a lack of access to affordable childcare or maternity care for the impoverished. Although the pro-life movement had always been “anti-abortion,” it soon become synonymous with “anti-woman.” Thankfully, leaders in the pro-life movement today are aware of this and are recalibrating—or revoicing—their messaging and strategy accordingly.

Few conversations taking place today need to be revoiced more than Christian discussions about LGBT people and the way they experience their gender and sexuality. Like talking heads on evening news, conservative Christian leaders and their conservative LGBT brothers and sisters find themselves in a conversation whose posture, content, and tone is ill-suited to developing a consensus path forward. Yet this is a gospel issue. These conversations need to be revoiced so that the gospel of Jesus Christ can more easily be applied to the individuals who are involved in them.

What is the Revoice mission?

To encourage, support, and empower gay, lesbian, and other same-sex-attracted Christians so they can experience the life-giving character of the historic, Christian sexual ethic.”

What is the vision of Revoice?

Revoice exists because we want to see LGBT people who adhere to the historic, Christian sexual ethic flourish in their local faith communities. We envision a future Christianity where LGBT people can be open and transparent in their faith communities about their orientation and/or experience of gender dysphoria without feeling inferior to their straight, cisgender brothers and sisters; where churches not only utilize, but also celebrate the unique opportunities that life-long celibate LGBT people have to serve others; where Christian leaders boast about the faith of LGBT people who are sacrificing temporary, fleeting pleasures for the sake of the Kingdom; and where LGBT people are welcomed into families so they, too, can experience the joys, challenges, and benefits of kinship.

Then after viewing their churches web site, I further discovered their Sunday Morning speaker schedule. Brethren with an itinerary like this, this does not appear to be a unhealthy ‘church’ trying to get healthier, this is exactly what the Lord warned about in His letters to those unbiblical churches in Revelation. There is no such thing as an LGBT Christian, nor a Christian homosexual, nor a Christian fornicator, nor a Christian pedophile, nor a Christian car thief, nor a Christian rapist, etcetera.

Furthermore, as per the authority of 1st Corinthians 5, the Scriptures are very clear that these pseudō-churches and their unrepentant sexually immoral parishioners must be excommunicated, and thrown-out to Satan. I pray the PCA leadership would do this at their next General Assembly meeting. But then again, according to a Podcast that I recently heard from the Greenville Theological Seminary, the PCA is unfortunately being ran by a “progressive wing.”

Ending on a positive note. Though these are the signs of the times, but thanks be to God that God always has a faithful remnant, prayerfully they will scatter to a more solid congregation elsewhere.

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UPDATE 05/29/18: Today I received an email pointing me to this article, which further exposes the sinfulness of The Gospel Coalition, as well as leaders such as Tim Keller, and sadly even some are even associated to Albert Mohler, and his seminary,


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