Why I will not be attending the 2023 G3 Conference in Atlanta

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Since I’m not far from Atlanta, I was asked if I will be attending the conference. My answer is ‘no.’ The following is why, including but not limited to.

I will not align myself with an organization whose leader became a registered text offender, as he molested Romans 13, apparently trying to convince others online to join him in being a Covidian, while sinfully “obeying the authorities” to close churches; and committing ecclesial adultery, by sharing Christ’s bride with Ceasar & the State. Nor will I sit under the preaching of the speakers on their itinerary that did the same (most of them). 

And today, years later, is acquiescing to some Covid rules or restrictions at this conference.

And to add insult to injury. They published on their website that they are forbidding firearms at this conference. That is an irresponsible way of virtual signaling to active shooters, that on this date and time, “7000+” soft targets will be inside the Georgia International Convention Center.

What America needs to #MAGA is not more conferences, so that presumed idol worshippers can spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to post selfies with their celebrity pastors. We need more Christians who are more zealous for their local churches and more supportive of their own pastors. 

We need masculine men sent out by the local church, who will engage the streets, gutters, alleys, various venues, highways & hedges with the Law & Gospel; that is the power of God onto salvation. They are the missionaries their church ought to be supporting. We need less spectators and more participants. We need more sheepdogs and less lapdogs.

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