Josh Boice & Paul Washer’s application of Romans 13 was harmful to the Church – Podcast #53

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In this Podcast I discuss G3 Josh Boice and Paul Washer’s wrong application of Romans 13 during the COVID “pandemic.” And I give examples how I have Biblically applied this Text as a police officer, which includes praising one Church, while killing an assassin at another Church.

Since YouTube has temporarily suspended my account (due to vaccine related videos), I have uploaded this video onto Rumble, and have also provided an mp3 audio file underneath the below video. For a link to their original podcast on their own G3 Conference YouTube channel, where they continue promoting this teaching via that video click here.

“Resistance to tyranny is obedience to God!” – John Knox, Scottish Reformer

UPDATE 08/29/21: The YouTube version has been uploaded.

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