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Dr. Steven Lawson’s sermon preached at the 2019 G3 Conference – Session 16 (how did such a wonderful sermon end so tragically?)

We live in a time when a majority of professing Christians, and local churches from all denominations, have devalued Biblical masculine preaching. Instead they prefer sermonettes, gentle sharing, a soft tone, mutually cooperative debates, casual conversationalism, and/or the use of other methods that are only secondary to true bold preaching (or methods that shouldn’t be

Video: Paul Washer’s sermon preached at the 2015 G3 Conference – Main Session #6

Paul Washer preached this message at the 2015 G3 Conference. This message was given to pastors and leaders, but all born-again Christians should watch it. Washer also warns about today’s unbiblical evangelicalism, postmodern churchianity, unbiblical soteriology’s, the importance to labor in prayer, and much more. I’ve been saying for years that there’s a ‘masculinity crisis’ within

Video trailer for the ‘G3 2014’ Conference

Looks like a great conference, with a great mission, and a great lineup. G3 Conference Dates: January 23-25, 2014 (Thursday – Saturday) @ Pray’s Mill Baptist Church – Douglasville, GA. More details here. G3 2014 Promo Video from Josh Buice on Vimeo.