Dr. Steven Lawson’s sermon preached at the 2019 G3 Conference – Session 16 (how did such a wonderful sermon end so tragically?)

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We live in a time when a majority of professing Christians, and local churches from all denominations, have devalued Biblical masculine preaching. Instead they prefer sermonettes, gentle sharing, a soft tone, mutually cooperative debates, casual conversationalism, and/or the use of other methods that are only secondary to true bold preaching (or methods that shouldn’t be used at all). But in this sermon Dr. Lawson gives a scathing rebuke, to those that do not preach as they should.

Albeit I appreciated this sermon very much, and was very encouraged by it.😊 Nevertheless, I was surprised how he closed it at the end. 🤐 How did such a wonderful sermon end so tragically? 🤔

Though everyone errs (especially me), and sometimes if we’re not careful, we can become over critical. But I listened to the end of this sermon ‘over and over’ many times. I even asked others to do the same (for Biblical counsel). From timestamp 52:10 to 54:41 Lawson no doubt wrongfully taught a ‘decisional regeneration’ (perhaps even a universal atonement).

More specifically, at timestamp 52:20 Lawson stated, “and there are still those among us here today, who have never made the decision to commit your life to Jesus Christ.” At 53:51 he says “If you have never as an act of your will, made this decision to cross the line, to enter the narrow gate…” At 54:19 he says, “Your spouse cannot make this decision for you. Your friends cannot make this decision for you. Your parents cannot make this decision for you. Even God cannot make this decision…”

Yes Lawson is an excellent expositor, and I have been encouraged so much by him. But to be frank, he sounded like the heretical Billy Graham at the end. Within the aforementioned time-frame, Lawson mentions the word “decision” six times. His gross synergism, decisional regeneration, and ‘well-meant offer’ was an unpleasant surprise, which attenuated his entire sermon.

Brethren, the Doctrines of Grace as well as other essential Doctrines misplaced here, such as Predestination and God’s Decree, mustn’t be negotiated, nor compromised. Therefore me must contend for them, and remain steadfast upon them. I pray that Dr. Lawson repents from this serious err. Only by the grace of God, so go I…

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