Woman in Bavaria Germany forces Covid test upon a terrified child

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To the best of my knowledge, this incident occurred in Bavaria Germany.

Apparently in Germany Covid tests are mandatory ‘by law.’ This video depicts a Bavarian woman forcing a Covid test upon a small child. This forced testing was more traumatizing to the child than Covid (a Flu bug) would have been.

In the meantime, as seen herehere, and here, many in America are voluntarily lining up like sheep led to the slaughter for their Covid tests. They even boast about their subservience on social media – “I’m wearing a mask,” “I got the jab,” “I got tested today!” I translate their bragging as “look at me, I’m a narcissist!” I wonder how much longer before we see them wearing stickers that advertise “I got tested.”

I’m half German, and I say this is all cockamamie bull.

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