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Video teachings of the Epistle of Jude, by Bill Rhetts

In this expositional teaching of the Epistle of Jude, I do a verse by verse – exegetical teaching through the Scriptures. ~ Bill Rhetts The Epistle of Jude (Intro & verses 1-2)  Jude vs 3-4 A video teaching on ‘Contending for the Faith – Gods Way’ (Jude 1:3-4, plus two examples & a music finale).

Video evangelizing a drunk topless woman on International Women’s Day

I would have called the police regardless, but this street is full of drunks, drug attacks, gangsters, prostitutes and various criminal activity. And the police rarely have the time to respond to calls of this nature. Not failing to mention that after this observation, I witnessed a serious vehicle collision, which resulted in a hit

Video teaching on the Epistle of Jude vs 17-23, by Bill Rhetts (a parallel of law enforcements ‘escalation of force’ to verses 22-23, and Gods hatred for…)

In this study through Jude, this teaching includes the following (including but not limited to) ~ The predictions of the Apostles The Jude-2 Peter ‘parallel passages’ Comparing law enforcements ‘escalation of force’ to verses 22-23 More on scoffers & mockers The High school student that once mocked me A command to be holy, to be

A must see sermon on ‘Examining Yourself,’ by Dr. Sonny Hernandez

An important sermon preached by Dr. Sonny Hernandez (also a military Chaplain). I am thankful for a brother that once rebuked, and corrected me with this verse. He then discipled me thru many of the passages used to ‘test ourselves.’ This congregation was very fortunate to have this preached from their pulpit. I was very

Video open-air preaching at an abortion mill, whereas many ‘professing’ Christians were present, and the police respond (all private conversations were removed)

xBy Gods grace today I was able to put my boots back on the ground. I bet these landscapers didn’t realize they would be attending a church service. That’s where pulpits should also be, in the gutters, the highways, hedges, and byways. Yesterday I had shared on Facebook that sadly many ‘professing’ Christians were at