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Short video on ‘Those Silly little Boys,’ by Paul Washer

I love how Washer’s Chinese interpreter added to his comments. Washer said “You’re just a silly little boy playing games. And the problem is, some of you are thirty years or more.” The interpreter added two words… “even older.” This can be the same with cellphones, but perhaps worse. I’m a firm believer in leaving

Video of an expository teaching on the Epistle of 1st John Chapter 2:15-29 (some content may not be suitable for all viewers)

This expositional teaching of 1 John chapter 2:15-29 will include (but is not limited to), the ‘world system,’ worldliness and sensuality inside that building we call “church” (i.e. G-strings, lip and breast augmentations.) A video of a pastor’s wife rebuking their congregation for sensuality in their church. The deceptions of today’s antichrists, the forerunners of

The Midterm Madness of the 2014 Election Results

Understandably so I see a lot of Republicans and/or Christians celebrating last night’s election victories. However I would encourage you to watch and listen to my below 10-minute video (in its entirety). Listen to the Scriptures, but also listen to the numbers (the math) regarding our Nations debt. Bear in mind this video’s almost three

A PowerPoint on Biblical Evangelism, by Bill Rhetts, MA

A PowerPoint on Biblical Evangelism, by Bill Rhetts, MA This is the outline of a two hour 72-slide presentation that I have given at a couple venues. It would be more beneficial to have the voice of the author give the explanation and application. Nevertheless this may be helpful to you. Nowhere in the Scriptures