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A must see video on ‘overcoming fear’ by Eric Ludy

One thing this COVID phenomenon has rightfully exposed in some professing Christians (or Churches) is the presence of FEAR. As well as –    Their lack of faith Their lack of trust in the Lord Their lack of a fear of God Their presence of fear in circumstances. “And do not fear those who kill

A must see sermon jam ‘The Rack of Glory,’ by Eric Ludy

Oh yes Lord empower me be more bold, more knowledgeable, more zealous. “And may this generation see, what Elk are supposed to look like.” “You are the salt of the earth, but if salt has lost its taste, how shall its saltiness be restored? It is no longer good for anything except to be thrown

A sermon jam ‘The Spirit is Willing,’ by Eric Ludy

A sermon jam ‘The Spirit is Willing,’ by Eric Ludy Another great sermon jam from Eric Ludy. “We are in the midst of a war. Shadow continually attempts to creep into one’s life; yet the life of a Christian is one of light, not shadow. But there is a problem and that problem is you.

Video message on ‘The Dumbest Generation?,’ by Eric Ludy

Video message on ‘The Dumbest Generation?,’ by Eric Ludy The following is an excerpt from Eric Ludy’s sermon entitled the “Unlikely Heroes.” As he said, “almost all within this generation has been swept up by this emergent movement.” I agree that, “This behavior is despicable. No more warriors – the generation least apt to produce warriors

A scathing introduction to the Gospel, by Eric Ludy

The Lord is using Eric Ludy and his wife in many big ways. The truth is a born-again Christian (a follower of Christ that repents, believes in, and obeys His Gospel) must share the Gospel, and be ready and willing to die for Christ. Eric you’ve been tagged (again).