Video message ‘The Heaven-Bred Warhorse, and the Hobelar,’ by Eric Ludy

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Eric Ludys Ellerslie logo‘The Heaven-Bred Warhorse, and the Hobelar,’ by Eric Ludy

I would consider Eric Ludy an expert speaker on the topic of spiritual warfare. Watch how he applies this great message to the state of the lethargic church within America. I have never watched a sermon by Ludy, that didn’t exhort and edify.

He’s right that the Salvation Army has “lost its Gospel core.” Just yesterday I ministered to a Satanist that gets clothed and fed at our local Salvation Army. He admitted in this video, that they don’t preach the Gospel.

Ludy also talks about gaining the tactical advantage on the enemy, and being on the “offensive,” rather than defensive.

He supports “street preaching,” but he tells how at times there may be a time to present the Gospel via other methods (he may have wobbled a bit here.) That is wise, but it should never replace the open-air proclamation of the Gospel. Each outreach must be evaluated on an individual case by case basis, as the Spirit leads. For example. Yesterday while evangelizing downtown Redlands, I had planned to open-air preach, I even got up and stood ‘on the box.’ But it was right then, that the Lord prompted me to only hand out tracts; and not preach. But the next time I minister at this same location, I will most likely preach, and hand out tracts. Street preaching is hated by the world (as it should be,) but sadly it is foreign to most within the church.

Eric Ludy, you’ve been tagged (again).

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