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Franklin Graham, Kirk Cameron and others join hands with a heretic, a homosexual advocate, and worldly entertainers for the Hope Rising COVID-19 Benefit Concert 💲🤑💰

According to entertainment media icon TV Insider, many well-known professing Christians are joining hands with a heretic, a pro-homosexual advocate, and worldly entertainers to raise money for Franklin Graham’s Samaritan’s Purse ministry. TV Insider stated that, “Music has been a powerful source of comfort, hope and overall entertainment for so many during these uncertain times.

A 90-second video on ‘Christian dieting’

This is very good. Christian dieting is about as oxymoron as Christian music, and so many other things that use Christianese to take Gods Word out of context, and profit off of. Most people pray for Gods mercy, I pray that He will take his John 2:15 whip of cords, turn over more tables, and