Video of Rick Warren saying, “people might not go to heaven” if they don’t “tithe”

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False teacher Rick Warren twisted every one of these verses out of context, as he pimps, panders, and prostitutes Gods Word to satisfy his own greedy flesh. I have two cousins that attend Warren’s “church,” and both have blocked me on Facebook for sharing these various truths about Warren; as they suppress the truth in unrighteousness (Romans 1:18-32). Rick Warren has gone beyond false teaching. He is an ecumenical heretic, and is leading many to hellfire.

Regarding “tithing,” as I stated in a previous post,

“The Bible never commanded nor even suggested “tithing” from your paycheck. Most of the tithes in the Old Testament were giving 10% of their produce, food, and miscellaneous agriculture. NOT 10% from a paycheck. The Word of God never changes, but the way we do grocery shopping and commerce, has changed today. If we were to Biblically tithe today, our church sanctuaries would be full of spoiled moldy food.”

Full disclosure. So that I don’t have a log in my own eye, almost every church that I’ve attended over the decades preach on (or expect) “tithing,” but I am on record as an opponent of that teaching. Brethren, there’s leaven and/or sin everywhere, and in every local church, including my own life, posts, and/or videos. But when we become aware of it, we must identify it, expose it, remove it, and/or repent from it. Lest we have a log in our own eye. Whether it be a subtle expectation of “tithing” from a seemingly solid church, or extreme heretical views as seen in this video, we must repent, and in some cases run from that local “church.”

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