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Video conquering Heartbreak Ridge off-road trail – 2N61Y

Today my wife and I spent a long day off-roading. Our favorite trail was the infamous ‘Heartbreak Ridge.’ However our hearts were not broken. Frankly our lunch spot in the dirt was more ‘bonding’ than a fancy dinner. Considering I had no spotter, my Jeep did very well crawling over many rocks (though I’m not

Video conquering both 2N17X & Pilot Rock off road trails

Our adventure consisted of 8 Jeeps, and 11 persons. We most certainly all had a great time. The weather was beautiful, and the dust was minimal, the scenery was awesome. We were off the road at 0930, and back on the asphalt at 1330. This gave us with 4 hours of pleasurable scenery, v-notches, steep

Video of A post ‘Blue Cut Fire’ exploration (off-roading)

One week after this devastating fire, I decided to ‘off road’ thru much of it. All the major power poles and lines were already replaced. And various other phases of rebuilding were in process. Sadly I observed some animal carcasses, but I did not include them. I only had my GoPro camera, so there’s no close