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Video of Pastor John MacArthur in studio with Ben Shapiro, discussing the role of the church vs the government, Christianity vs Judaism, abortion, slavery, homosexuality, the Church vs Israel, and Theology

In this interview Dr. John MacArthur said many things that were quote worthy, and I agree with them; but I only typed out two. When Shapiro asked MacArthur to explain “slavery” in the Bible, MacArthur accurately explains what Biblical slavery is, and what it is not. As my own Facebook profiles describes me as a

Short video ‘Jesus did not come for Social change,’ by John MacArthur

Though Christians should be engaged in our culture, as we love our neighbor, but not without being ‘salt and light.’ Apparently many don’t understand what being ‘salt and light’ truly is (according to the Scriptures). Furthermore, Christians are commanded to go out and preach (or share) the glorious Gospel, that is the paramount remedy. Having

A must see compilation of bold exhortations by three preachers

This is serious business, it’s no time to play, and it’s time to go to war. The preachers are Paul Washer, John MacArthur, and mostly Carter Colon. No matter how solid our doctrines may be in our churches. If we have not zeal, passion, and boldness. If we’re not the salt and light on the

The heretical sinner’s prayer, and unbiblical altar calls, by Chaplain Bill Rhetts

The heretical sinner’s prayer, and unbiblical altar calls by Chaplain Bill Rhetts, MA Copyright © 2014 January 15th, 2014 (this is the abridged online version, re-written in 1st person) TABLE OF CONTENTS Chapters INTRODUCTION PERSONAL EXPERIENCES THE ORIGIN OF THE SINNERS PRAYER Biblical history Church history THE PROPONENTS DEFENSE CONCLUSION BIBLIOGRAPHY/FOOTNOTES CHAPTER ONE INTRODUCTION