Dr. James White on John MacArthur’s “we lose here.. we don’t win…”

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I agree with James White here, as MacArthur’s eschatology comes from his #dispensationalism. It was defeatist, to say the least. I don’t “lose” here, and I have nothing to complain about, and everything to be thankful for. “To die is to gain” (Phil 1:21). It’s a win-win!

A side note: As I’ve said before. I am a former Dispensationalist, and today I still have to fight against that former teaching. Dispensationalism is not just one err. Dispensationalism is the mothership that leads to many other errs. When an oncologist removes cancer, they don’t just remove cancer seen only on the surface of the skin. They surgically remove the root of the cancer. And so that is how dispensationalism must be treated, including “leaky dispensationalism.” Because a little leaven leavens the whole lump.

Nonetheless, eschatology does not change with the political climate, nor with the trends of crime. Our eschatology is full of err, but God’s providence is perfect, and He does not change. Therefore, I will not wear eschatology like an accessory. I will trust in Him, for He is never wrong.

As a covenant theologian now, I recommend these books. Covenant Theology by Michael Horton, and Covenant Theology (from Adam to Christ) by Nehemiah Coxe & John Owen.

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