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Video of a man punching a female, a street preacher intervenes, and the message still gets preached – at the Social Security office – viewer discretion is advised, much profanity

As I was approaching this crowd, I witnessed this coward punch this woman twice. It was then that I realized that I encountered this same man last month. He’s an advocate of marijuana use. Sadly he professes (alleges) to be a Christian, and alleges to have gone to “Bible college.” He is the byproduct of

Video of Dr. Robert Jeffress Addressing the Tragedy in Dallas Texas, re the Assassination of Dallas Police and Rapid Transit Police Officers

Sadly many Monday morning quarterbacks on social media, have fueled the flames of this anti-police rhetoric. Henceforth, they are irresponsibly peripherally responsible for inciting these violent attacks on our police. Interestingly just last week in various places, I street preached from that text on ‘Lawlessness.’ Listen to the first 30 seconds in this video. Two

A prolific prophetic end time’s video entitled ‘The Hour is Late;’ revealing the more recent increase of violence and sexual immorality, as well as the new Flakka drug outbreak (Rated R for violence and graphic content)

Throughout the Scriptures the Lord Jesus forewarned His church about this. Yes He told us before it became news. But as I stated in my most recent expository teaching on 2 Timothy 3:1-5, “There is no doubt that today we are witnessing an increase in severity of these perilous and violent times.” Pay particular attention to

Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs, by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman

Note by Chaplain Bill: With the current increase in youth violence, and the compromise and lack of courage in leadership, it’s time to recirculate this article. I’ve had the privilege of meeting Lt Col. Dave Grossman in a training environment as a police officer, and later in the private sector. Lt. Col. Grossman is the owner